The mobile marketing evolution has taken marketers for a pretty amazing ride over the years and has made incredible advancements in the process. These advancements have made impact on many industries and can impact your Casino Mobile Marketing plan.

Our cell phone capabilities have increased steadily since its market start in 1907, to the first smart phone in 1997, to the first smart phone hype in 2007 – with internet access, application downloads, touch screen and more. Our consumers today spend more time on their cell phones now then ever before, and as more and more technology for smartphones develop, more will be time spent on cell phones. Cell phone advancements, have lead marketers towards mobile marketing like bees to honey and their efforts to take advantage, has made a huge impact on their successes and the success of many business and our Casino Marketing platform can do the same for you.

Mobile marketing started with SMS campaigning (Keyword opt-in). Marketers would offer consumers a way to receive automated advertising messages to their cell phone, from a business, simply by typing in a keyword to a numeric code. The fact that 7 trillion text messages are sent around the world (2011), this marketing method deemed successful. This type of mobile advertising still exist today. You may see them in hotel rooms at check-out or even on business cards. 89% of casinos use SMS campaigning to market their business.

Video marketing campaigning came later. An info-graphic by Digital Insights show that 1 out of 4 Facebook users use their Facebook account more than five times a day and 751 million of them log into their Facebook accounts through their mobile device. Video news feed can stand out among the users and allow smart phone users, a clear visual and audio representation through their smart phone screens. An attractive video of marketed content, can serve better than text content, which can take user more time to process the intended message. This evolution has allowed businesses to connect on a broader scale. Videos are shared more often on Social media than text. With video, you can now share a travel, resort, restaurant or hotel experience, visually, instead of having to explain the experience in writing and possible misrepresenting it. Much better!

Interactive marketing campaigning trends later.This form of mobile marketing reaches out to far more people than conventional marketing. This process can be accomplished by downloading applications to a Smartphone device, and using it in coherence with barcode and QR codes of products, services and promotions and in addition allows user to share content with social media. 79% of smartphone users use their phone for shopping. This is one latest trend in mobile marketing and extremely popular in restaurants, which allows customers to use their phone to scan QR codes that are made available on restaurants’ promotional material.

Mobile marketing is extremely beneficial to any type of business, as it serves the purpose of reaching a larger mass of people as an addition to other marketing methods.