Companies today have found that business apps are absolutely essential to their operations, which is why casinos and hotel casinos should be utilizing our Casino Marketing platform and other forms of casino mobile marketing.

Mobile apps increase user engagement, which in turn increase user conversions — the more a customer is apt to interact with a company, the more likely they are to make a purchase of a product or a service. Even customers who do not eventually convert will still play a major role in word-of-mouth advertising. Creating an application, as long as it does not require significant maintenance, is a highly positive situation for a company.


The Gamification of Mobile Apps

Gamification has become an important industry term because it describes a type of user engagement that is particularly pervasive. Gamification blends traditional game apps (such as poker and other casino apps) into business apps, essentially making something that isn’t a game into a game. “Players” progress in the game based on their activities and some component of luck.

An example of gamification in a context most people can understand is the McDonald’s Monopoly game. This gamifies the experience of going to the fast food mega-franchise by giving “players” rewards for going. Gamified business apps work exactly like this (though the rewards are usually either fictional or in the form of discounts, rather than prizes), just in a virtual setting.


The Proliferation of Mobile Apps in Companies

Almost all of the top brands in business have apps today, but the real question for a company is whether their competitors do. Many companies require mobile apps not only to engage their customer base but to keep their competition from getting an edge on them. Consumers prefer using their mobile devices and thus any company that has a mobile device or mobile-optimized website has a clear edge over those that do not within the industry. Moreover, once the initial setup and investment has been completed, maintaining a mobile app is usually not a significantly draining process — of either time or money.

All companies can benefit from a mobile app — but the type of app depends on the company. Larger retail stores may have shopping cart applications, while service companies may be more interested in bill payment and customer service. But the process of gamification works for virtually every industry and can be as simple as rewarding “players” with rewards and discounts based on physical check-ins, the same way punch cards used to be used in the pre-app world.